BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original, Black, Cotton 0

There are a lot of baby carriers available on the market today. They all answer the growing need of busy parents who want to have a career but also bonded with their children despite their hectic schedules and never-ending list of errands and work-directives.

Baby carriers like the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original are a great solution for this dilemma. They allow you to carry your baby around while leaving your arms and hands free to do what needs to be done.

That way, you get your work done while not having to let go of your precious bundle of joy. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds: career and parenting.


  • Made with Cotton material
  • Perfect fit with just a few adjustments
  • Special design supports baby’s head, neck, spine and hips.
  • May be carried facing in or facing forward (fold adjustable head support)
  • Side buckles unfasten to slide baby out easily
  • Specialising in carriers since 1973


The BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original is made with cotton –very safe and natural. Cotton is quite breathable in its own quality, absorbent to sweat, drooling or other fluids that may come in contact and non-toxic making it completely safe for curious little mouths and itchy little gums to chew on.

With just a few adjustments, little fuss and quick timing, you can take the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original on and off. Perfect for parents who are on the go and do not need the unnecessary hustle of having to clip, adjust, secure and tie so much material before going out for a quick errand with their babies.

The BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original is just right and convenient for parents who are often in a hurry.

The BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original also makes sure to support your baby in an anatomically correct position –making sure your baby is comfortable and safe from injury as it supports all vital points –head, neck, shoulder, spine and hips.

With the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original, you can rest assured that your baby will be comfortable and held with such great care as if he or she were in your own arms. Its upright design also promotes good breathing and allows you to monitor your child’s condition closely.

The facing in method of carrying with the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original allows for maximum comfort and closeness with your baby since you are carrying your baby high up on your chest, against your heart.

This promotes maximum comfort for you and closeness that young babies usually crave.

If your baby does start to develop better neck and shoulder control at around five months of age and begins to display some curiosity about his or her surroundings the head support may be folded down so that you may carry your baby in a forward facing position.

This type of position is perfect for babies who are developing and practicing their senses and to give them a bit of exposure and view of the outside world on walks in the park or around the neighbourhood.

After a long walk, if your baby does doze off, the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original also has side buckles that enable you to slide your baby off without having to lift him up and out to remove them from the carrier.

This way, you won’t have to disturb his precious sleep and this can give you a few minutes to yourself as well.

All these advantages have been developed by the company since coming out with its first baby carriers in 1973.


One worried mother noted that the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original might actually hold babies in an awkward and unhealthy position. This might be true for older models of this type of carrier but modern updates have improved it to be better suited and safer.

The same user also noted that the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original was quite difficult to put on and remove. This might be remedied by making a few adjustments and practicing.


Overall, the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original is a trusted brand which has specialized in making baby carriers for a long time. Its timelessness and popularity already speak for itself regarding quality and serving its purpose.