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Contemporary baby-wearers these days opt for no-fuss, no clips and all natural carriers that are real space savers and can fit into a day bag without adding too much bulk.

One popular example is the Boba Baby Wrap. Lately, wrap and tie baby carriers made of stretchy fabric are the craze since they more closely mimic the warm embrace of a loving parent without the hard clips and plastic carrier spines. The Boba Baby Wrap is as natural as any carrier could get.


  • Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, machine washable
  • Non-toxic, no harmful dyes or chemicals
  • Breast-feeding friendly
  • Easy wrap and tie for a perfect fit, comes with wrap instructions
  • Best for newborn to 18 months


The Boba Baby Wrap is largely made up of cotton –very breathable, quite absorbent, and natural and non-toxic –the perfect blend of qualities for your baby.

It also has a small percentage of spandex blended in to make the wrap stretchable, more flexible and easier to handle when putting on. The material makes the Boba Baby Wrap machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

You need not worry of stains or smells residing on your Boba Baby Wrap after extended use because you can easily pop it in the washer and then you’re done!

In addition to the non-toxic material, the Boba Baby Wrap also makes sure to use non-toxic chemicals and dyes in treating its fabrics. This is despite the many vibrant and attractive colour options made available by the company so that every parent with a Boba Baby Wrap can carry their baby with confidence and style.

Some parents may even opt to purchase a selection of colours to match outfits or themes, making it not only practical but also fun and stylish.

The Boba Baby Wrap is worn in such a way that it places the baby in the perfect position, accessible to the breast. This is absolutely a big plus for nursing moms who appreciate being able to nurse their babies without necessarily stopping what they are doing.

Perfect for moms who are busy yet still want to maintain the connection that comes with breastfeeding. Other than that it is simply a very convenient wrap for nursing.

In regard to its use, it is easily wrapped after just a little practice as guided by a wrap instruction manual that comes with the product. It may take some getting used to at first but once you get the hang of it wearing the Boba Baby Wrap becomes second nature.

This wrap style carrier makes it possible for parents to achieve a perfect fit for them and their babies since they can adjust the wrap fit down to the last millimeter.

All you have to do is follow the wrapping techniques as shown in the instructions and you and your baby can start experiencing the Boba Baby Wrap and the pure bliss and freedom that it brings.

The Boba Baby Wrap is best suited for newborn infants since it easily supports head, neck, shoulders, back and bum with the stretchy and supportive consistency of the material.

Also, despite it being made of purely yards or cloth it is still able to carry babies up to around 18 months so your Boba Baby Wrap is a good investment, especially if you plan on baby-wearing for a long time.


One user commented that the Boba Baby Wrap is not for use in public places where it can catch dirt and germs. This is mainly attributed to the wrap being so long and might get caught up in places and sweep up dirt.

However, this can be solved if you tie up the excess fabric in a bunch or a pretty bow or pin it up with a decorative brooch.

Another reviewer said that it might not be so accommodating for bustier and curvaceous women since the snug fit may push the baby against the chest while leaving room around the waist.

Made of cloth and snug also means that the Boba Baby Wrap can get pretty hot, especially on a humid summer day. But it does make up for this during the winters where being snug and warm is what a baby needs most.


Overall, baby wrap enthusiasts are all over the Boba Baby Wrap. It is perfectly natural and hassle-free and keeps your baby close and feeling secure.