Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers 0

Anyone who has had children will tell you that they can get really heavy and strenuous on the arms. This is why baby carriers have become so popular.

Even from a more traditional standpoint there have been versions of carriers for many years throughout history that have been used to carry babies snugly around their mothers whenever work had to be done or when families migrated.

Baby carriers like the Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers are the exact modern counterpart as they allow parents or carers to carry the baby whilst having their arms free to do other things such as grocery shopping, chores, paying bills and more.


  • 3-way carrying options: Facing in, backpack, and sling
  • Ergonomic design for proper support to baby’s head, neck, back, and hips
  • Safety buckles
  • Wide and adjustable shoulder and lumbar straps
  • Holds up to 25 pounds
  • Includes removable sleeping hoods, washable Snap-On bib and unique cuddle pocket with zipper
  • Made with 100% breathable cotton, machine washable, non-toxic, meets European and American safety standards


The Veenev baby carrier provides three options on how you can carry your baby. You can set your little one on a facing in position for bonding and cuddling as well as for you to better monitor your baby’s breathing and overall appearance.

This position is best suited for very young babies who need an extra eye 100% of the time. Another is the backpack position. This is best for toddlers who are up for exploring, especially with parents who want to share the view while on vacation or even just a simple afternoon stroll.

The third position is the sling position which is an extra for moms who wish to carry their babies as they nurse. This position gives optimum access for babies to the breast and  moms are given the freedom to nurse on the go.

The Veenev baby carrier has the parents’ comfort in mind too –with wide padded shoulder straps and an equally wide lumbar belt to help distribute the baby’s weight easily.

You can now carry around toddlers as heavy as 25 pounds without straining your back as opposed to more traditional carriers that are less easy on the shoulders and can cause bad back aches.

For added comfort is the basic safety feature –safety buckles. This prevents unwanted accidental openings that may cause harm or injury to your baby.

This ensures that your little bug is snug and tight no matter how busy your schedule is or how much work you have cut out for you for the day as long as you have the Veenev baby carrier and your baby in it.

The Veenev baby carrier also has some extra features that make life a bit easier for parents who plan to carry their baby for quite some time until their little one is ready to conquer the world on their own.

It comes with removable sleeping hoods that ensure adequate comfort in case your little one dozes off while on one of your errands.

It also has a washable Snap-On bib for those drool-y months or whenever a new tooth is coming in. This minimizes the mess and keeps the carrier and you clean and dry.

An extra cuddle pocket sown in with zipper provides a little extra room to store an extra diaper or wipes, so you basically have your baby and his supplies in one bag and don’t have to worry about bringing anything else for short trips to the market or post office.

The Veenev baby carrier is made of 100% cotton –very breathable, non-toxic and safe for babies. It is not only cool and fresh for those sunny walks during summer but also safe enough to be licked by slobbery tongues and chewed on by those sharp little chompers.

It is also machine washable, so easy to maintain and keep clean and fresh; and is made with international safety standards so you know your baby truly is in good hands.


One previous user commented that the Veenev baby carrier’s hood is made of flimsy material that is not suitable for bigger babies. The same user lamented that it cannot carry the baby front facing-forward so it is still quite limited.


The Veenev baby carrier is a great gift for expecting parents or those who already have little ones at home. It is sturdy, safe, and comfortable–perfect for outdoor walks or errands.