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The best time to bond with your child is soon after birth. A mother’s bonding with her newborn nurtures more than the child’s evolution. It creates a lifelong tie between the two. Naturally, then, you’ll do all you can to ensure that your bonding with your newborn baby is just perfect, with nothing lacking. One great way of bonding with your newborn is to carry it around with you, keeping it close to your body, especially your heart. That, unfortunately, may not always be possible, considering the demands of practical life. A newborn baby carrier is the answer to your prayers. It’s the perfect solution for all mothers wanting to create a close connection with their newborn babies for life, without compromising on this experience even for a minute.

Benefits of a newborn baby carrier

Unlike a stroller or a car seat, a baby carrier allows you to take your child around with you in the most natural way—keeping it snugly secure with the warmth of your body. The newborn baby carrier is designed especially to help a newborn baby cuddle against your body, taking in its warmth, while you move freely around doing your chores. How long you want to carry your baby in this way depends on you, and the baby’s temperament. The size and weight also make a difference, but since most newborn baby carriers are designed to carry babies up to a certain height and weight, you can choose the one best suited for your needs.

Types of newborn baby carriers

Another factor that determines a parent’s choice of a newborn baby carrier is the type. A newborn baby naturally needs the comfort of your body and hence you require a carrier that will help it remain close to your chest for as long as it wants or needs to. So it’s an inward facing carrier that you will probably require as that will enable your little one to keep its face snuggled against your body. However, on the flip side, an inward facing carrier is a little heavy for a newborn and also doesn’t allow for ease of breastfeeding. That’s why you’ll find some parents go for the back facing carrier.

Things to look out for

Among the other important criteria to be kept in mind before making your choice are the degree of comfort offered by the carrier, its ease of use and durability, its versatility and adaptability to different weather conditions, and the way it lends itself to breastfeeding a newborn.

When it comes to comfort, you need to check for comfort not only for your baby but also your own comfort. Go for a carrier that’s designed to evenly distribute your baby’s weight, ensuring minimal strain on your shoulders, back, neck and hips. You may also want a carrier that’s adjustable to different sizes if you’re likely to be sharing the carrier with someone else, say your spouse or a caregiver. As far as your baby’s comfort is concerned, make sure the leg holes are well padded and large enough to fit your baby’s legs comfortably. A padded headrest is also a must to keep your baby relaxed or sleeping comfortably through any trip.

Go for long-lasting comfort

Then, of course, there’s the matter of durability. You’d definitely need a tough carrier that doesn’t come loose or collapse midway, threatening your baby’s safety and life. Make sure that the buckles, belts etc., are in good working order and not likely to cause your baby to fall out.

How easy or difficult it is to fit your baby in the carrier and to take it out is another important consideration when choosing a good newborn baby carrier. It should also be easy to use and ideally you should be able to navigate it with one hand without any problem or excessive strain.  

Ease of cleaning is another thing you ought to take into account. A machine washable and dryable carrier is perfect for newborns since you can expect a whole lot of mess with them.

Look closely at the fabric of the carrier. It should be light and breathable, as well as soft and smooth. A dark colored carrier may look good, but it is more likely to heat up during the summer months, and is hence best avoided, especially if you’re living in a warm region.

Care during nursing

Since breastfeeding is an essential of mothering as far as newborns are concerned, you’ll naturally want to go for a carrier that’s structured to ensure ease of nursing. A good carrier generally allows you to see your baby’s face with perfect ease, but since the face is not visible during breastfeeding, it should be built in such a way that you can easily reposition your baby after the feed. Not all manufacturers have managed that, so you should either check out the actual product or, in case of an online purchase, go through customer reviews.


Once you have the basics in place and have identified the key features you want in your newborn baby carrier, you can further narrow down your search by checking out the price. You’ll find newborn baby carriers available from $25 to $300, with the high-end ones crafted for prolonged use and allowing multiple positions, thereby enabling your baby to grow with it beyond the initial few months.

The fabric quality is another feature that varies from the cheaper to the more expensive carriers. So you’ll find the higher priced ones normally coming with softer and more breathable fabrics that provide the ultimate comfort to your baby’s delicate skin.

But one thing you definitely need to ensure, whichever price and brand you opt for, the newborn baby carrier should be designed for safety and should also provide ease of nursing which your little baby definitely needs in the initial months out of the womb.